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What if your partner won't attend couples counselling

All is not lost if your partner can’t or won’t attend couples counselling. There is still a lot you can do on your own to influence the relationship.

Research shows that individual therapy which is focused on managing relationship issues is not only unsuccessful, but also leads more frequently to relationship breakdown. This is concerning, considering around 86% of clients name relationship distress as one of their top three main concerns.

Fortunately, Couple Sensitive Individual Therapy (CSI therapy) is a specialist approach which helps the individual to make positive, lasting change in their relationship. It involves:

· Psychoeducation

· Cognitive and emotional self-exploration

· Behavioural interventions

· Communication skills

· CSI therapy is not about pathologising your partner or aligning against them with you, it is about a process of discovery and exploration.

Relationship issues can feel overwhelming, but CSI therapy is supportive and effective. It also provides:

· an objective, non-judgemental space – so unlike family or friends, there is no bias to the options the therapist may discuss with you regarding your relationship.

· a confidential space, so if you are feeling stuck and you suspect it may be due to some experiences you have had in your life, you can “test” this out first in a safe environment with a trained professional.

· a “systems theory” model – this simply refers to a knock-on effect whereby because one person is making changes, the other often follows suit, as part of the system, ie. the relationship or family.

· the chance to gain insight into your own reactions, and where you can make positive changes. (It can be A LOT easier to hear this from an objective party, rather than a partner!)

Please get in touch with us if you’d like to give it a go!


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