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Thoughts = Feelings by Imogen Furner

Thoughts = Feelings. I love the simplicity in this equation. I am no mathematician so the simpler the better! What we think about WILL equal how we feel. Not just POSSIBLY, but DEFINITELY. If we have unhelpful thoughts than we have uncomfortable feelings (sad, angry, anxious etc). If we have helpful thoughts than we have comfortable feelings (joy, satisfaction, pleasure etc).

The more we think the more intense we feel too. Also very simple! The longer we dwell on unhelpful thoughts the more intense our uncomfortable emotions will become. Thoughts are the fuel and emotions are the fire. The more fuel we add to a fire the more intense it becomes.

So with all this simplicity it must be simple right? Well in a way yes, and in a way no! We cannot control what thoughts POP into our head but we can learn what to do with them when they do show up. Instead of entertaining the thoughts, trying to change or get rid of them we can learn to accept their presence and just watch them come and go without grabbing hold of them or trying to change them in anyway. We can also encourage ourselves to become more grateful on a day to day basis. An attitude of gratitude will go a long way in boosting those helpful emotions and creating a mindset that handles the inevitable challenges we all face in life.

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