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  • John Flangan

Gottman Rituals of Connection

Rituals of Connection refer to specific activities or habits that couples can engage in to strengthen their emotional connection and foster a sense of intimacy and closeness. These rituals are designed to help couples build positive and meaningful interactions into their daily lives, enhancing their overall relationship satisfaction. Here are a few examples of Gottman Rituals of Connection:

1. Welcoming Rituals: Create a warm and loving atmosphere when greeting each other after being apart. This can include giving a hug, a kiss, or engaging in a special greeting that is unique to the couple.

2. Appreciation Rituals: Regularly express appreciation and gratitude for each other. This can be done through verbal expressions of thanks, writing love notes, or sharing specific reasons why you value and appreciate your partner.

3. Daily Stress-Reducing Conversations: Take time each day to have a stress-reducing conversation. This involves sharing and empathising with each other's daily stresses, listening attentively, and offering support and understanding.

4. Date Nights: Set aside dedicated time for regular date nights where you can focus on each other and enjoy activities that you both love. This can involve going out for dinner, watching a movie, taking a walk, or engaging in a shared hobby.

5. Bedtime Rituals: Establish a soothing bedtime routine where you can connect and unwind together. This can include cuddling, talking about your day, reading together, or engaging in relaxing activities before sleep.

6. Affectionate Touch: Incorporate physical affection into your daily interactions. This can range from holding hands, hugging, giving massages, or engaging in other forms of non-sexual touch that promote emotional connection.

The goal of these rituals is to create a sense of safety, emotional connection, and intimacy within the relationship. By consistently engaging in these rituals, couples can strengthen their bond and increase their overall relationship satisfaction.

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