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You deserve to feel your best.

You deserve to feel your best.

Feeling low, anxious, worried, overwhelmed?

We identify the problem and

find the right therapist and treatment, for a happier healthier future.

We identify the problem and find the right therapist and

treatment, for a happier healthier future.

Feeling low, anxious, worried, overwhelmed?

You deserve to feel your best.

A warm and inclusive team of male and female therapists helping individuals and couples. Using evidence based therapy for real outcomes. 

Appointments 7 days a week to allow everyone access, either in-person at the Burleigh Heads clinic on the Gold Coast, or via Telehealth. 

For Individuals & Couples

We are psychology,

& counselling

To get started schedule an informal chat
or call directly 07 5576 2633

Telehealth Appointments

Good Availability

Evidence Based

Book Appointment

Good Availability

To get started schedule an informal chat or call directly 07 5576 2633

Man looking depressed needing help




Feelings of depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, stress, grief, loss. Fertility support and post natal depression, trauma, PTSD. Includes Veteran support and WorkCover registered psychologists.

A hand showing aggresion needing help to resolve conflict in a relationship

Relationship Conflict & Connection 

A desire for intimacy, wanting to improve communication and resolve conflict.  Affordable evidence based couple and marriage counselling. Options for weekly sessions or consecutive 2 days.

A person who could be neurodiverse




ADHD, ADD, Bipolar, ASD / Autism, OCD, eating disorders, gender transition, dysphoria, addictions and other conditions. Assessment and diagnosis available.   NDIS registered psychologists.

Feeling better starts here.

Effective psychology and counselling support, in-person and online.

World renowned relationship and marriage counselling; regarded as one of the best approaches to couples therapy. The Gottman Method is evidence based, with over 40 years of successful outcomes. 

A happy couple after having couple counselling
woman free because she has improved her mental health

Start your sessions.  Appointments can be via video-link or in-person at Burleigh Heads or a mixture of both. (Gottman Couple 'Marathon 2 consecutive day sessions' are in-person therapy). 

3. Therapist Appointment

The pre-appointment is an informal phone call to find the therapist that suits you, and schedule your therapist sessions.

2. Find the Right Therapist

You can book an informal chat with our Appointment Consultant. Book online, or call to speak directly 07 5576 2633.

1. Book Pre-Appointment 

The first step is to acknowledge help is needed, that is the hardest part. 

Now let us help you.

Book Appointment

An informal chat, to find the right therapist

One of the best approaches to couple therapy. 

World renowned relationship & marriage counselling

Evidence based with 40 years of success stories.

A couple looking comfortable together sitting looking at the sunset
couple on a bike happy after couple counselling

Phone +61 (0)7 5576 2633

Text      +61 (0)420 434 628

2 / 18 Park Avenue

Burleigh Heads

Queensland 4220


Park Avenue has 2 and 3 hour meter parking bays. Longer parking available at Alex Black Car Park and Woolworths Car Park, both on Park Avenue.

Phone +61 (0)7 5576 2633

Text      +61 (0)420 434 628

You deserve to feel your best.

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Get Started

The very best in counselling;

Gottman Therapy with one of Australia's Advanced Gottman Clinical Trainer & Consultant Therapists.

Reserve Dates

2 consecutive day session or weekly sessions, book an informal chat with our Appointment Consultant

or call

Improve Your Relationship

Gottman Method counselling helps couples develop the skills to change negative behaviours into positive interactions, and create a renewed sense of closeness and connection.

Move quickly and purposely through a current crisis or ongoing issues to find a resolve, without the need for long-term, continual therapy. 


2 consecutive days or 

2 hours weekly

(10-12 weeks)

dependent on couple and concerns

Professional Consulting Rooms at Burleigh Heads

Newly refurbished 

Professional Consulting Rooms Available

Work with high level like minded professionals in managed rooms.

or call 0420

A woman listening while appointment consultant find the right therapist for her

Get Started

Find the right therapist

To select the right therapist, an informal chat with Appointment Consultant Kylie-Jo takes the guess work out.  By listening to your requirements and identifying your concerns Kylie-Jo is able to allocate the right therapist.


If you already have a preferred Psychologist in mind, Kylie-Jo will schedule sessions and answer any queries.

Book your no fee pre-appointment phone consult below, or call 07 5576 2633 or email your need for support here.  All conversations are of course, confidential.

An informal chat to find the right therapist 

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