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Telehealth Sessions

Quality Care for you at home

Do you live in a remote area that makes it hard for you to see a therapist to get the support that you need?


If you are located in an approved Telehealth Location, appointments are available via the internet using a secure web conferencing platform that meets the privacy and security requirements for medical use.  This means you can access most of our practitioners services no matter where you are located.


So if you have an eligible Mental Health Care Plan from your GP and you are in the Monash Modified Model Region of 4 - 7, you will be able to access an appointment with one of our therapists.  You will receive a portion of the cost of your visit back through Medicare.


For more details on the who you can see, their fees and what you will get back on medicare, please contact our office Manager Kylie-Jo on 

07 5576 2633 or email at


To check to see if you are an approved area - please use the link below.


Check the box - Modified Monash Model (2015)


Type in your location and then it will show you your MMM classification.


This Telehealth initiative will enable you to remain in your own home, reducing the time and costs of transportation to larger regional centres or cities for sessions with a psychologist or accredited mental health social worker.

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