Sharon Fennell

Psychotherapist, Counselor and Life Coach

Sharon Fennell is a skilled psychotherapist and counselor and Member of PACFA who has worked in both Australia and the United States over the past 10 years. Her blend of experience across the counselling and wellness spectrums has equipped her to successfully work with issues ranging from mental health issues, to addiction, to high-level performance enhancement as well as general habit change and personal development.


Sharon combines a range of interventions including Process Oriented Psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, CBT and Mindfulness based approaches. 

Sharon has a BA in Behavioural Science and a MA in Process Oriented Psychology, a unique approach to human behaviour which specifically works with emotional blocks and change resistance, disturbances, and the positive role of enriching environments. 


Sharon works with a range of issues including:


  • Alcohol Overuse

  • Porn addiction 

  • Social media, gaming and gambling addiction or overuse

  • Food addiction

  • General habit change

  • Health and body symptoms

  • Adrenal fatigue and work/life stress

  • Sexuality

  • Over-thinking

  • Change resistance

  • Personal Development

  • Athletic performance and “life after sport’ transitions

  • Couples Therapy (Sharon is Level 2 Gottman Trained)



Sharon is available in the Clinic on Tuesdays and other times via request. Additionally sessions are available over skype/zoom.


Contact information:


P: +61 5576 2633

M: 0403 762 595

(07) 5576 2633

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