Karen Holmes


BA Psychotherapy (Hons), ACA



Karen is a registered psychotherapist/counsellor who works with individuals and couples. Her main speciality is women’s issues and relationship concerns.

For the past 13 years, she has worked both overseas and in Australia in private practice and various other agencies.

Karen has a special interest in codependency in relationships and also assists clients with:

  • relationship issues

  • grief/loss including bereavement, relationship breakdown, pregnancy loss and termination

  • infertility

  • trauma

  • anger

  • depression/anxiety

  • identity issues

  • body image concerns

  • self-esteem issues

  • self-care

  • parenting


How Karen works:

Over the years, Karen has observed that many people come to therapy to talk about relationships. This can be the relationship, or lack of, that they experience with themselves, or with partners, family members, friends or work colleagues.

As relational beings, it is vitally important that we connect well with ourselves, and others. If this isn’t happening, we can become unwell – this often shows up in an inability to relax, or fall/stay asleep, feelings of depression or anxiety, a sense of being disconnected, numbness or general apathy.

Karen practices relationship sensitive therapy, which means that if a client comes in to discuss their partner, any conversations and interventions are mindful of the couple dynamic and the potential impact of such discussions on that relationship.


Why psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a collaborative and holistic process of change. A person may come to understand patterns of discomfort, dissatisfaction or suffering in their life. Therapy helps them to make meaning from these and be more able to make conscious choices, leading to a different experience of themselves and the world.

A person can develop a greater capacity to be in charge of their life, empowered and self-directing while sensitive in relationship with themselves and others.

This may look like:

  • Recognising and managing triggers

  • Being aware of your attachment style

  • Living more presently

  • Self-soothing instead of reactivity

  • Growing self-awareness

  • Self-acceptance/compassion

  • Fulfilling relationships


To name but a few. If these are things that you are seeking to explore and bring into your life, please get in touch with Karen.


Karen works out of the clinic Mondays and Tuesdays.

Contact: (07) 5576 2633 or 0448 773 188