Depression, Anxiety & Stress happen to 

everyone at sometime!

We can help!

Can you remember the last time you lay in bed wrestling with your thoughts? 


You desperately wanted your mind to become calm, to just be quiet, so that you could get some sleep.  But whatever you tried seemed to fail. Every time you forced yourself not to think, your thoughts exploded into life with renewed force. 

You told yourself not to worry, but suddenly discovered countless new things to worry about. As the night ground ever onwards, your strength progressively drained away, leaving you feeling fragile and broken. 

By the time the alarm went off, you were exhausted, bad tempered and thoroughly miserable.

Throughout the next day you had the opposite problem - you wanted to be wide awake but could hardly stop yawning. You stumbled into work, but weren't really present. You couldn't concentrate. Your whole body ached and your mind felt empty. You'd stare at the pile of papers on your desk for ages, hoping something, anything, would turn up so that you could gather enough momentum to do a day's work. 

It seemed as though your life had begun to slip through your fingers . . . you felt ever-more anxious, stressed and exhausted.

When you feel trapped by such troubled and frantic times as these, it can seem impossible to escape. And yet it is possible to rediscover peace and contentment once again.


Our therapists are trained and highly skilled in the delivery of gold standard, evidenced based treatments for these conditions including cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, solution focussed therapy and general supportive counselling.