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Gottman Method Marathon Couples Therapy

Gottman Method Marathon Couples Therapy  
2 Days Intensive 

For immediate sustainable results

Burleigh Heads Psychology & Relationship Clinic is proud to be the organisation that offers Gottman Relationship Therapy - and is lead by Advanced Clinical Trainer & Consultant - John FLanagan

Gottman Method Marathon Couples’ Therapy has become one of the most popular and successful approaches to helping couples through a relationship crisis.  It is an approach that we would recommend for any couple presenting with significant relationship distress.  

Marathon Therapy is a specific type of therapy that is short-term and intensive. Its purpose is to move couples quickly through your current crisis or specific perpetual issue. It is not meant as an on-going, long-term time commitment.   The process consists of 2 consecutive days of intense, structured, evidence-based couples therapy. Marathon Couples' Therapy is a specific type of therapy that is short-term and intensive. Its purpose is to move couples quickly through your current crisis or specific perpetual issue. It is not meant as an on-going, long-term time commitment.   The process consists of 2 consecutive days of intense, structured, evidence-based couples therapy.  

It is always undertaken face to face in Burleigh Heads.
We currently have John Flanagan who is conducting face to face Marathon Therapy here on the Gold Coast -  and is a Certified Gottman Therapist, Advanced Clinical Trainer & Consultant as well as one of the founding partners and co-facilitators of Relationship Institute Australia.  John and Trish are
 2 of 26 Certified Master Consultants and Trainers in the world.

Between them they have undertaken 100’s of hours of advanced training with the Gottman Institute to hone their skills and are the only Certified Gottman Therapists in Australia who are trained and approved to utilise the the entire Gottman Love Lab process with couples.  They are also trained in Emotion Focussed Therapy for Couples and have collectively had over 10,000 hours experience working with couples that have identified challenges within their relationship.  Trish and John both cite Marathon Therapy as their preferred way to work with couples as they know from experience that this is the model that gets the best outcome for couples moving forward.

Gottman Method Couples Therapy is the gold standard when it comes to successful couple recovery.  It is a process oriented, phenomenological, cognitive, emotionally based approach to assisting couples gain better understanding of each other and to develop a range of new skills and behaviours that foster closer, more intimate relationships where conflict is managed in a functional manner. 
Marathon Therapy is a dynamic alternative to traditional weekly sessions as it is a condensed and focused approach to relationship counselling that will provide you with the time you need to address specific issues and get your relationship back on track QUICKLY. In this powerful approach to relieving couple distress, you and your partner will meet with your highly trained and experienced therapist for two consecutive days and engage in intensive couples therapy for up to 7.5 hours per day face to face.

Your therapy will include 3 broad phases.  

Phase 1 is the assessment phase. Prior to your Marathon, we will email you and your partner a number of questionnaires for each of you to complete.  Sometimes these can feel onerous to finish but, these questionnaires help your therapist to understand both your individual histories and the history of your relationship as well as some of the main issues that have developed over time and bring you to couples counselling now.  

Phase 2 is the treatment phase.  This is what we do during your two days. Based on all of the above information, along with your responses to our comprehensive relationship questionnaires, we will conduct an analysis of your interaction patterns, strengths and challenges. These findings will be shared with you so that we can collaboratively identify specific outcome goals for your relationship.  After that you will begin working on your most problematic concerns.  Your therapists role is to assist you and your partner to have constructive conversations so that you can reach greater understanding and a closer more connected relationship.  The focus will be both on addressing issues and on assisting you to develop better skills for managing your relationship - to become ‘Masters' of your relationship.

Phase 3 is the relapse prevention phase.  From here, your therapist will recommend a follow-up program designed to suit your particular situation and needs.  We will pop in 2 x follow up sessions of 1 hour each to start with approx. 2 weeks and 6 weeks after your marathon.  They can be either in person or via ZOOM if you live too far to travel back for hourly sessions  - these sessions are charged separately as everyones needs for follow up support are different.

Whilst we understand every situation is different - we find that our past couples who have engaged in this process have reported that while the 2 days could be a little tiring, they were able to process a range of their unresolved issues, ‘leave their baggage behind’ and return home with a renewed sense of commitment, closeness and hope for building a closer, more satisfying and intimate relationship together.

The cost of your marathon includes the thorough pre-marathon assessment process, 2 full intensive days working on your relationship in a safe, calm, professional and private environment with John, a toolkit full of resources and information to take home that assists you to continue to deepen your emotional connection and master the skills for constructively managing conflict.  

Marathons with John Flanagan are usually conducted on a Wednesday / Thursday and the fee is $6,25

Please note: travel and accommodation costs are additional and your responsibility to coordinate.  We strongly urge you if you are travelling from interstate that you take out relevant travel insurance to cover any unforeseen cancellations made by either yourselves, John or by Govt. recommendations due to Covid-19.

$750 is paid as a deposit to confirm your dates and is refundable (less costs already incurred during the assessment phase) up to two weeks prior to your dates.  


Available dates can be obtained by emailing 


We also have Brhea Ind who offers marathon dates.  Brhea is a Certified Gottman Therapist and Psychologist.  Her fees for the 2 day marathon is $5,000 and the follow up hourly sessions are $250 and these hourly sessions can be done via ZOOM.

Available dates can be obtained by emailing 

I understand that this is a lot of information to receive, absorb and then make a decision on.  And you may have more questions that you would like to ask.  Please feel free to ring me on 0420 434 628.  


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